Language trip class 9a - Ireland 2018

We started our language trip on 13th August 2018 . At 5 o’clock in the morning everybody was on the bus to start our long journey. We traveled west towards the Netherlands, passed Belgium until we reached France. We caught the ferry in Calais to Dover. Our bus driver Gisbert navigated us through England and Wales to catch the next ferry to Ireland. We couldn’t wait to arrive at ”Killinure Chalet” and were relieved as we reached our destination. Right after the arrival and the quick apartment check we started to explore the beautiful area. We were tired but at the same time excited to see whats going to happen on the next days.


On one day of our trip we planned visiting the 5200years old Newgrange. We drove across the green country to the east coast to arrive at our impressive destination. It started to rain – so we got a taste of the typical wet Irish spirit. In the Bru na Boinne Visitor Centre we got a quick introduction and then we walked through the exhibition and answered some questions our teacher gave us beforehand. We learned a lot about the passage tomb (which is located in the Boyne Valley) and saw a replica of the amazing entrance stone. We also experienced a lot about the culture of the neolithic people how they lived, what they ate and most important how and why they built the impressive cemetery called Newgrange. Sadly we couldn’t visit the real Newgrange, but still it was really interesting.

Our visit at Clonmacnoise